The goal of this blog is to motivate myself and others for further practice as well as provide details that might explain what's going on..

Thursday, January 17, 2019

A bit more energetic

Was feeling quite tired. Took some vitamins and slept a lot. The greatest effect was from the psi fountain (or what I used to call grounding), or at least so it seemed.

Today I felt quite energetic, compared to the usual.

A bunch of dreams again.

Dream: Pulverizing

Me and a gang prepared to track down a murderer. Distinguished him from the crowd and took him to the rest of the gang. By then, he had retracted into a single bone. Although we had previously agreed on everything, the gang no longer seemed up to it. I asked them to pulverize it, to yield the maximum time before it restores itself. Nobody listened. So I put it down and smashed it into several pieces with my knee. "This should give at least some time before it re-manifests itself," I thought.

Thinking back on it, it seems like the most retarded solution one could think of. What a "wonderful" demonstration of my intelligence /s. Dissolving in unconditional love and forgiveness would have been the best solution.

Dream: Toilet

Had to take a dump and rushed to the closest toilet. After spending some time in there, I noticed that all the people going through the restroom were women. Asked if this was a women's restroom. One of them replied that indeed it was.

I tried to make it quick but couldn't.

Dream: Painting

Mom and sister found a painting that they wanted to buy. They asked me over to see it as well. I also found it interesting but for a different reason. In addition to looking nice, it had symbolism from the 1930s that portrayed the society back then. Although I didn't pay much attention to it, I think the overall picture was about a bedroom with a nice view through the window.

Dream: Levitation

Before the dream, I practised concentration on the sensation of levitation. Started lifting out of body at first, then tried again.

Probably one of the longest flying dream thus far. Flew around the summerhouse a lot, viewed all sorts of buildings, objects from a wide variety of angles.

Friday, January 11, 2019

Dreamo-theoretical UFO sightings

A couple of interesting dreams again.

Uncle's UFO sightings

Spent a part of the night at the summerhouse again. Met one of my uncles there. He wished he could remove some of his UFO sighting stories from the internet as these were affecting his image. "People do search for your name before employing you," he said.

I didn't say anything, I was just really curious because I hadn't heard of his UFO sightings. And of course I know that people search for names, I also do that occasionally.

It's pretty much summer already

Took a bus to the town center. It wasn't the bus that I've typically taken, as it crossed the other bridge. From this bridge, there's a nice view over the channel, the river and the snailtower. I enjoyed the view in daylight and commented that it's pretty much summer already. Indeed, the ice and snow had melted and grass was becoming green again. Between the channel and the river there's something park-like with trees. However, on the trees I saw an overlay of scripus or something similar starting to bloom.

Someone from the bus responded that it's still quite far from the summer. I was a bit surprised that there was anyone self-aware on the bus. I looked around a bit more and noticed that most of the people in the bus seemed to be conscious.

First one of the cousins having vivid dreams and OBE, then his father. Should probably ask him if he has had any UFO sightings recently.

I wonder if it's just me or is there really something about 2019 that has shifted the awareness of people?

Thursday, January 10, 2019

Fame and politics

That slithering curse. Had a rather vivid dream of it.

I was somewhere at an event (conference or press release of some sort?) and all kinds of people kept coming up to me in order to shake hands and express their fandom. There were a lot of them, but I remember one red headed lady because she had the agenda to drag me into politics - I would have to publicly analyze the effects of my work on politics. She would later use the quotes to finish a book of hers or something. I told her that a long time ago I had decided not to become involved in politics.

Anyway, some moments later I'm on the podium speaking something. Kept it short and walked off to read a book. This caused even more cheers from the audience full of fans.

Last year I had three people approach me and say that they're my fans. Should find a way to get more work done while standing out less. Though, I haven't even started working on any of the ambitious projects. Hmm .. (lightbulb) .. internet and animated anon avatars.

About reading books - I'm preparing for the next book exam, which is why that was in the dream. Two thick ("bibles") and slightly over 2 weeks left.

Monday, January 7, 2019

Dream s

Spent most of the night on Saaremaa.
Left hand under the pillow had produced a lot of sweat.


I was sitting on the ground behind the house, enjoying the view over the field when a bear (I think) showed up. Again, it would have caused me to leave the place unless I managed to pet it. I think I managed to do that somehow, for it stopped bothering me.


Just walked outside, chatting with cousin and enjoying the weather. It was warm, cloudy, without snow and wind.

Anyway, at some moment some more cousins (err, not clones) popped into the dream, running around playing something. One of them greeted me and ran away again.

A moment later I look back at where they were playing and there's nobody there.

Then a moment later again they're back, then they disappear while I'm looking in their direction.

A rather persistent dream. I wonder if one of the cousins might remember it as well.

Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Feeling good

Meditated before falling asleep, with focus on the head yesterday evening. After that, I think I fiddled with some equations for a few hours.

Eventually had a dream of climbing a cliff. Although there was a rope hanging down from the top of the cliff, it was worn out and tangled. As I climbed higher, someone climbing just before me managed to untangle it. I think it was a young girl who was so lightweight and yet muscular enough that the she really didn't need the rope. Anyway, when I tried leaning on the rope to test if it would withstand my weight, it seemed like it wouldn't be able to withstand me. There was a railing as well, not too far from where I was at, so I tried to make it there to test if the railing would hold. However, there was an elderly lady cautiously descending and she was using the railing. Gently tried the railing and found that most likely it also would not be able to withstand my weight. Well whatever, stepped aside to where there was no path, relying on small cracks between the rocks and a lot of willpower to cling to the rocks. It was slippery and a single slip would have caused a fairly long fall, which is why I had tried my best at following the safest path that a lot of others had already taken before me. I was convinced that falling would mean certain death. But it did not matter, for I knew what I could achieve with the help of my willpower and concentration. A few hours later I had reached the top of the cliff, and continued until I had climbed to the top of the trees. Had to descend a little again to meet up with some friends who were waiting for me in the woods.

Although in that dream, climbing was tough, it was not tougher than the adventure park in Latvia that I've visited a few times. Moreover, I'm quite thankful that in this dream there was no gravity or space warping going on which used to prevent me from climbing in dreams in early childhood.

A quick pranayama in the morning and throughout the day I felt better than I have been feeling for the past few years. Somehow, the body seems happy. During the day it became quite stormy outside.

Re-met an old man at the university library and wished him a Happy New Year (I wish the same to all the readers, too =). I've met him once before at the canteen at work, perhaps a couple of years ago. At first he apologized for his lousy memory, after which he recalled my workgroup, the topic that we discussed, some specifics of the discussion, as well as the date and time when we discussed it. I was impressed and commended him on his memory. I found it inspiring how he was constantly looking for ways to improve his memory by convincing himself that it was not good enough.

Thursday, December 27, 2018

Clips of dreams

Although I've forgotten most of the dreams from the past couple of weeks, there have been a few things that stood out.

Quote out of context

I've forgotten what the dream was about, and what was the context. Just me and some other family member in the kitchen at the summerhouse. I think the other family member told me: "If you hold the world, then the world holds you".

I think I was embarrassed for them to have to tell me something this obvious. Probably that's why I'm not sure if indeed the family member told me that, or I told this to the family member.

All in all, it doesn't matter, for the quote asserts the importance of attitude towards everything.

New apartment complex

I was flying across the large pavement square next to the stores when I decided to check out a new apartment complex that was being constructed somewhere.

It appeared as an overlay behind the pavement square. A straight path through a bunch of trees, and then the apartment complex was at the end of the path, on the left. The new path and the apartment complex had a golden shine to it, like the astral counterparts of objects (and people) often do.

I touched the pavement gently (so much so that I was impressed as well), and started walking towards the building. For me, the only thing that really stood out about the dream was the way I touched the ground. The pavement looked wet and littered with tiny shards of glass and I was in socks. However, it seemed that it did not matter because of the attitude with which I touched the ground. It was the attitude that made all the difference.

Grandpa, the other one

I was having a chat with the grandpa that's still alive and well. At some point he said he was moving.

In the dream I was like: "Oh, that's nice". Me after waking up: "Wtf, this is ominous". The thing is, at his age moving apartments would be very unlikely.

Though, I'm glad that he and my sister now get along well again. Mom told me something interesting though: "She's similar to grandpa's mother. He did not get along too well with his mother." The way I see it, this hints at reincarnation again.

Grumpy granny on saucer patents

Actually before watching Kimi no na wa, I had watched Texhnolyze which had a very sad ending but it hit the same spot as Kimi no na wa. Texhnolyze is very dark and bloody, so I wouldn't recommend it.

A part of the desire and emotions that I mentioned in the previous post, were about flying saucer patents. After reading quite a few of them, the passion decreased considerably. For me, most of the mysterious shroud has been lifted and I think I have realized at least the following:
  1. The reason why we're driving around in cars instead of flying around in saucers:
    1. There are plenty of problems that are still not easily solved with today's physics and technology.
    2. While there probably is technology that solves these problems, most of this physics and technology is still way beyond mainstream.
    3. In general, nobody cares because there's old and proven technology already out there and it's way cheaper to keep using it instead of funding sketchy R&D for tens of years.
  2. Most of the patents don't hold water, as it's just some inventors wishing for the big fish without having even tested a proof of concept.
    1. Well, I also haven't tested the proof of concept so I shouldn't be the one labeling something as "probably pollocks". However, most of the effects are too weak to produce enough thrust. At least one of the inventors actually mentioned this in one of their patents. All of his patents were about tricks to improve the thrust.
    2. Most of the patents are about the utilization of a single effect, without considering all the other factors. Most of the patents are still about ion wind, which would only work in lower atmosphere.
  3. A lot of conspiracy nuts (just like myself) are blown away by just images from patents instead of actually looking into the patents. I find it hilarious that among patents of flying saucers, there's at least one patent on a generic UFO-shaped amusement device for kids.
  4. Mainstream science is way more correct about things than most conspiracy nuts (including me) like to think.
Hmm .. or maybe I'm just becoming old?

Don't get me wrong, though. I'm convinced that by combining mainstream physics, there would be enough thrust for small vehicles. For sure it'll make for an interesting hobby. Also, while at it, might just as well find more pieces of the puzzle for actual anti-gravity.