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Friday, October 12, 2018

Dark Veil

Today morning I pondered about the feelings of loneliness, sadness, separation and what causes these. Obviously these feelings arise from an illusion, a bitter-sweet illusion. Though, it occurred to me that this illusion is caused by the dark veil.

Based on this, the dark veil (dark blue haze) might have the following fundamental properties: it absorbs and isolates (disintegrates).

It fits rather well with my astral travel / out-of-body experiences. The dark veil can be used to cut space-time, making it possible to be partially in one realm and partially in another. Or perhaps the dark veil is simply the lack of space-time in the first place?

In general this seems to fit well with the guides and stories from Steve Richards' book on invisibility. I think that the main method was wrapping oneself in the dark veil, which would then grant invisibility.

I suspect that presence is only really presence if it's bidirectional - one is aware of others, and others are aware of the one. That is, presence is based on empathy. Now if one isolates themselves from the surroundings with the help of this dark veil, their presence is diminished. It would seem as if the dark veil is absorbing or eating away the energy of the person. So, probably a good anchor would be needed to circumvent this.

Ever noticed how depending on emotions, everything seems brighter or darker? Perhaps we experience this veil differently on the different astral layers of our bodies? On one layer it looks like loneliness, sadness, depression, whereas on another layer it just looks like a dark cloud or mist?

What if people struggling with depression are simply overwhelmed by the veil?

I've also thought that perhaps magicians love to mimick the dark veil with black cloth in their tricks where they cut people in half, make them disappear and so on.

All in all, the dark veil is a powerful tool if it's used with care.

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